For the last 25 years our experience has focused on automation of machine tools, considering our main activities:


It consists in the renovation of equipment or machinery, based on the most effective upgrade equipment with new technologies, in cases where the replacement parts are expensive or cannot be found.

Actuators update service (Motorization)

A procedure that upgrade actuators package when we have old motors or measuring systems, preserving the brain (CNC).

'Implementation of direct measuring systems (Measuring Rules)

When we have a measuring system through a servomotor, we can implement a second measuring system or a direct measuring system in the desired axis, a second rule or rotary encoder, (depending on whether the axis is rotary or linear), to have greater accuracy and discarding mechanical variations. This procedure is applicable if the CNC system has the ability to receive a second system.

Laser calibration

Evaluation of the measurement made on the control screen with an external laser measuring system to refine the precision in the machine.

Operational Training

Instruction and training for the user when the equipment is unknown and for its optimization on Heidenhain, Siemens and Bosch Rexroth.

Maintenance Training

Instruction and training for maintenance personnel for faults detection, equipment changes, adjustments within the logic of the machines, or procedures under certain conditions or circumstances.

Development of personalized programming according to requirement

Specialized service for users who doesn't know how to do a machining on their equipment, or unknown features or programs that they want to generate.

After-sale maintenance service

Maintenance Service under customer'€™s requirement that guarantees the operation of the equipment at it'€™s 100%.

Diagnostic Service (on-site repair)

Service provided where the equipment is to detect problems, mechanical or electronic failures, etc.

Annualized service policy (preventive/ corrective)

It consists of a policy, in which we are committed to provide support and maintenance, 365 days a year within the scope of the policy.

Parts and accessories distributor

We have the right equipment for the customer to replace obsolete equipment and we also have spare parts sale.

Turnkey projects

We perform projects from conception and integration as well as its implementation, all under the supervision of the customer and according to the scope agreed with it.

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